ECIO Space

Ecio is a Space Battle oriented Blockchain* game, featuring an amazing array of unique characters & distinct strategies. The game is centered around building a story-rich gameplay.
Blockchain technology has become widely used in many financial and commercial areas in recent years. Developers are trying to implement their own ideas in the existing technology in order to create a new commercial space.
While there are numerous great games out there in NFT and non-NFT space, we feel there is room for an hybrid-NFT game that brings excitement into the gameplay mechanics & a storyline that has roots not only within the game itself but also within the underlying ecosystem, this is what will make our product stand out. We aim to create the best hybrid-NFT game via beautiful art, engaging storylines, and meaningful progression systems.
ECIO is filled with fun and exciting gameplay elements & an immersive gaming experience with story-rich gameplay. Aside from the game itself, the ECIO ecosystem will be complemented with a Comic amongst others, which will reveal the background story of our game. Discover how the different races are fighting an intense battle for freedom & power. In a galaxy engulfed in war, you must train yourself to be the deadliest warrior.
ECIO let's you create your optimal Space Crew from 1 to 6 members to explore the galaxy in the ECIO space, exploring the story in Adventure mode, or try more challenging space in Boss Hunter and Survival Modes. Play with friends in Multiplayer mode in team battle arena match, where your team composition and strategy is key to victory against other team Space Crew!
ECIO's goal is to deliver the best gaming experience for players. We focus on the entertainment factors of the gameplay which will reflect in the sustainable economic growth. Through this, ECIO aims to reach a long-term business interest for everyone involved. * Blockchain is supported, and game does contain NFT elements, however Blockchain elements are optional and not required to be used.
Last modified 5mo ago